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About the Club

The concept and idea of Kælderklubben grew from a bunch of friends meeting randomly to play Warhammer Fantasy Battle back in its infancy. Different approaches to the hobby saw collection grow from anywhere between 30 models to multiple armies and all supported by pieces of paper making up extra regiments. Books and cassette tapes made up the average hill and carpeted floors the battle ground. Over time the desire for something more realistic pulled some friends to invest in terrain more than armies and other vice versa.

The  group decided that it would be good if we could collect one of each army and also some terrain together. The first version of the club was born and the funding was decided to be based on a minor attendance fee whenever we met up to play. This lasted for about a year after which we discovered that the main part of the little funds collected, was provided by a very small core of players. The club eventually became inactive and the funds just sat inactive.

Eventually the interest for weekend battles grew and more gaming was a reality. The release of 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy made one member focus on the rules and slowly adding every army book and invest in much of the accessories to the game. This sparked something and a campaign was the final pressure needed to persuade the rest of the group to pick up the game again.

On 2 February 2013 the club was reestablished in its current form. The foundation of the club was set around the Warhammer Fantasy game as this was where the main interest was. The core value of the club is to enhance and develop our gaming experience. This happens through joint investment in miniatures and terrain which will be assembled and painted by the members at home or at club events. The funding is happening through monthly fees based on active and inactive membership tiers.

The foundation is still based on Warhammer Fantasy and terrain to this but with the option to expand to other games and brands if the majority votes to do so.


The future looks bright for the club and the interest to join the club seems valid in the immediate community.

See you on the tabletop.

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